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5 Ways to Stand Fearless: To Float, Fly, and D

If you could close your eyes and dream a dream for your life, what would it be? (Shhh no one’s watching)

Think of this dream and ask yourself WHY you don’t think it could become a reality.

I’m sure at this point you have a whole slew of practical or philosophical barriers. A whole list of ‘yeah buts’, ‘if onlys’, or ‘because I just can’t’.

Stop right there and just think:

Do you remember when you were a child? Do you remember when you lived in a whole world full of possibility...where magic existed and reindeers could fly around the globe in one night?

I’ve noticed that the vast majority of us were born with this creative capacity; the fearless daring to embrace our imaginations and to dream big dreams. But somewhere along our lives we run into people, situations, or messages that limit us. Sometimes we’re teased and told we’re incapable, that what we think or want just ‘can’t be done’. Sometimes we’re ridiculed and condemned for our creativity. The world is full of small-minded people who work really hard to keep others living inside ‘the box’.

But please remember that none of our world’s greatest accomplishments have come from a person with a limited mind. For this reason, I challenge you to join me and live fearlessly. Come face-to-face with the things that block you from your own inner greatness. Together let’s bust down those walls so your own internal light can shine.

Here’s Your Assignment:

  1. Listen Carefully: Spend some significant time alone with yourself, away from the voices of others. Advice from friends, family and loved ones can seem helpful, but in truly living fearlessly, these ideas are nothing but a distraction. The goal here is to discover your OWN inner ‘little voice’ that in time will grow to your fierce inner roar. That ‘little voice’ is your unique soul calling. No one else has this code. You have the lock to this hidden treasure and you alone are the key.

  2. Live Boldly: Love your little voice and let its messages guide your activities. The outcome won’t always be pleasant or pretty. In fact, when you first start living your life fearlessly, it may come with a great deal of disappointment or disapproval from others. Why? It’s simple. You may not have even realized how much you were living by the rules of others, until you actually start living by the rules of your own.

  3. Embrace Change: Life is full-of it, this much we know and huge changes are inevitable in courageous living. But think of yourself as a pioneer, making your way to new and undiscovered lands. Cultivate such a great sense of self-love that you become your own island of sustained warmth when everything outside of you shifts to an unfamiliar direction.

  4. Let Go of the Outcome: People who make decisions based on what they think ‘will happen’ are living in a place of fear. They try to alleviate their anxiety of the future by planning out each step along the way. Unfortunately this mind-play works in total contradiction to fearlessness. “God laughs at our plans” or so the saying goes. The best we can do is to put in motion the desires of our unique inner voice and let the future write itself.

  5. Go towards the Pain: Our greatest human limiting factor is in our natural reaction to seek pleasure and avoid pain. However, any successful person has learned that pain and failure are a MAJOR part of the game. Basic biology teaches us that pain and growth are almost synonymous. Learn to embrace life’s pain as the greatest strengthener and teacher. Let it guide you and morph you into someone who can handle a great deal. With time and practice, we start losing our fear of painful experiences. It is exactly then that you will find yourself living in the playground where anything is possible.

Life is short. I don’t want you to waste it. I want you know the purest pleasure of walking, head so high and feet so light it feels like flying. Fear is the heaviest brick that weighs us down from this experience. But by living fearlessly, in accordance to the wisdom of our own heart, mind, and soul, we are given the unique opportunity to make the most out of our time in this life.


For more information how you can create a fearless life full of potential, Contact:

Andrea Vielma, MA LMFT at

Andrea Vielma, MA LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in the unique needs of high-functioning individuals. She provides uniquely tailored and eclectically inspired transformational personal coaching or therapy services to help identify and remove personal blocks to fulfillment, happiness and joy.

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