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I'm So Glad You're Here

Throughout all of my life, I've had one guiding life mission and vision that has stayed with me always, no matter the time, place, or professional role. That is, I live for and LOVE helping others blast through barriers that keep them from living their best life. 

Educationally, I have an undergraduate background in Art and Art Therapy and a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy (aka System's Theory). Throughout my carrier I have served as a counselor,  executive leader, motivator, and transformational agent of change, I am far more than a 'licensed therapist'. I am a creative innovator...a strategic thinker. I am an intuit and a yogi and someone who has walked the walk and arrived on this path after a great deal of intense life challenges and rise-above-it all success. 


So if you're ready to start removing the blocks and barriers that are standing in your way, I invite you to reach out or give me a call. I'd be honored to provide a quick consultation free of charge to see if what you are experiencing is something I can be of help.

Andrea Vielma, MA

California LMFT #88763

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